Machikane meat is dish using crocodile

Toyonaka City's special product Machikane Meat is a dish using crocodile meat (Made in Thailand). Compared to other kind of meat has higher protein and lower calories. So it is good for health. Tongue part, especially, contains more omega-3 fatty acid which is said to decrease cholesterol and neutral fat, and be effective to prevent arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction and high blood pressure. As of Feb.24, 2017, seven shops provide Machikane Meat, and more shops are planned to open.


Bureau of Toyonaka "Food" Brand Association ( in Universal Design Promotion Association NPO Corp. ,)


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Toyonaka's new specialty! "Matikane meat (meat of the crocodile)" was named after Toyonaka character "Machikane kun".

 ◀"Machikane kun"

The origin of Matikane kun 's birth .... 1964 A large crocodile fossil (7 m) was discovered at Osaka University Toyonaka campus (Mchikaneyama Town). There are no examples of large fossils of crocodiles excavated in a perfect form in the past and it is one of Toyonaka 's symbols. "Matsukane kun" was born with this fossil model.

shops provide Machikane Meat

1. Thee Food Rest Burari

 Izakaya Japanese pub

 ■ Hankyu Toyonaka station  (a 5-minute walk)


2.Thee Food Rest GARAGE

 Japanese bar restaurant

 ■ Hankyu Toyonaka station  (a 1-minute walk)


3.Thee Food Rest 2nd


 ■ Hankyu Toyonaka station  (a 3-minute walk)




 ■ Hankyu Toyonaka station  (a 8-minute walk)


5.Creator's TeppanyakiTonpei

  Osaka roasted on a hot plate

 ■ Hankyu Toyonaka station  (a 6-minute walk)


6.Sasa an

 Japanese restaurant

 ■ Hankyu Hattori Tenjin station  (a 3-minute walk)



 Japanese Kushikatsu

 ■ Hankyu Shounai station  (a 3-minute walk)